Kanato Sakamaki: No, no and NO, HAVE YOU BEEN CRAZY? WHY DO YOU HAVE THIS? Kanato is fucking annoying, let’s face it, he doesn’t want to, he finds it extremely disgusting and doesn’t see any point in it, by the way, why do you HAVE it? He may even like a toy or another, like those vibrators that he controls and can punish and humiliate you, or those cute plugs, but otherwise, for him to set fire. He will scream and cry, threaten and ACHIEVE you to sell, abandon, get out of there, unless you want him to do it for you by force and believe, the punishment and price to pay in the end is always worse.

Laito Sakamaki: And here we find Laito Sakamaki in his natural habitat. This is amazing??? it will spread, show off, tell everyone how naughty you are and even have your own sex shop. Laito has a long experience with sex, so he probably knows the function of each of the toys and all the good parts of the costumes, there is the amusement park of the perverts, aka Laito. But he will pretend not to know, just to have the excuse of testing everyone on you. Laito supports, Laito invests, Laito shows off.

Subaru Sakamaki: W… what? You what? It is so shameful, it is so EMBARRASSING. What do you have it for? have you tried your products? have you used them with someone else? why Subaru is sure he never saw you wearing that red panties, let alone that vibrating plug. He really … REALLY doesn’t understand, but in a way he is so excited, he wants to touch things but he is ashamed and mainly afraid of the business being good and he ends up wanting more. Anyway, he’ll let you keep the store, as long as you don’t work there, and put someone else – cof cof that cof cof – because he’s not even stupid to leave you alone in that… place.

Ruki Mukami: No. Simple, short, objective. No. Throw it all away, burn the store, this is not for you and he doesn’t want to be associated with it. But could it be that in the middle of it all he takes advantage and gets one or another vibrator, things for BDSM maybe? But he will not change his mind. Ruki is very clear with her rules, yours is without work, much less as the owner of a SEX SHOP, if you were humiliating yourself, whatever, but the sex life is yours, so … haha.

Kou Mukami: HAHAHAHA YOU ARE SO FUNNY, PLEASE TELL THAT GIRL YOU’RE PLAYING. He is an idol, he has a reputation, he has burned himself up almost when he assumed he had a relationship, now a relationship with a sex shop owner. Believe me, there are SO many jobs that he could support you, but this is definitely not one of them. He will politely ask you to leave, and just because he is being frighteningly polite, you will obey.