Just seeing your bare back is enough to fuel your arousal and make you want to touch it.

Kou Mukami: Legs. He really loves legs and there is no specific reason. He likes to lie on them, lift them up while fucking you in bed, bite, he really loves it all and goes crazy for a 7/8 sock and / or garter belt. Just with your way of walking you release all of Kou’s imagination.

Yuma Mukami: This man is crazy about an ass. Every time you bend down, bend over, even walk normally, he is not content and takes a good look, imagining countless things he can / will do to you. He likes to hit, bite, when he crosses his legs and can see the flesh, this guy goes to heaven, but of course, all other parts of the body are also very admired and exciting for him.

Azusa Mukami: He loves all parts but his hair is something that leaves this boy on the edge of the abyss. If he pulls even if it is minimal, it will already hurt, and that is the intention, the more pain, the more love, and that is that. Not to mention that they are so good to hold, especially if they are big and he can twist them.

Carla Tsukinami: He loves his waist and hips, that’s where he holds, squeezes, bites, in short, does everything while he fucks, from any position. He also likes his belly, it is soft, it makes the connection between the hips and the waist, so that whole region is his paradise on earth.

Shin Tsukinami: Your favorite position on the bed is the puppy, so you can get an idea. Favorite parts of it are the entire hips, butt and waist area. He holds tight and when it comes to fucking pressed against the wall, he doesn’t change either. He just loves to have control of those places. But he also likes the neck a lot, especially holding it.

What would the characters of Diabolik lovers react if a random girl hit on them?

Shu Sakamaki: He is already used to the looks and statements, after all, the Sakamaki are quite popular at school and they get sighs from anyone. But depending on the way the girl arrives he may find it pathetic, vulgar or even cute. He will not pay much attention to this, and it is very rare that he will RESPOND. He will simply lazily turn to the side or continue on his way, ignoring what she said.

Reiji Sakamaki: He doesn’t have time for this, let alone patience. For him, she is just another stupid woman, leaking hormones and he won’t even pay attention to her. But if she insists, he will be quite short, cold and thick, as already said, he has no time or patience for such human nonsense and is not interested in a vulgar woman who doesn’t even know him, throwing himself like that .

Ayato Sakamaki: He tends to give back easily, but in a way that only makes her feel more comfortable and in the end he won’t have to do anything, except get what he wants, in this case sex, blood and leak.