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Who has never played the role of a loving oracle in the name of a friendship? If you raised your hand, you probably don’t know what it’s like to analyze pages and pages of Whatsapp conversations (that hug for the creator of the app’s “Send conversation by e-mail” feature, by the way), nor offer a shoulder, ears and lap to the friend who is experiencing heart setbacks. Are you part of the #falaqueeuteescuto team? Good! So do we.

Only, when the situation is reversed and you are the one suffering, following the lessons, spoken before with that air of wisdom, seems so difficult. Hypocrisy? Stubbornness? It may be, but we understand. To reason objectively about love issues is an almost impossible task.

The 12 pieces of advice below come easily from the mouth if the broken, restless or confused heart is not yours. Otherwise, admit it: you don’t follow through. Have fun with this little shock of reality.

Did you meet the guy yesterday? Have you been dating for a while? The context, in the end, matters little. Questions like What if he lost his cell phone / Is he waiting for my call to pop up every minute and, confess, his little finger has rehearsed dialing three times on his cell phone.

Fact: if anxiety screams, there is no advice that would make you give up on completing the call. No judgement.

Stepping on the ball is ok, after all we are human. Now, successive mistakes hurt and show a certain lack of care (to say the least, cof, cof), right? The part of the couple that gives in 100% of the time is the part that suffers 100% of the time.

Fact: For some girls, the possibility of dating breaking up scares more than having to swallow frogs. Again, without judgment. Another text by the taofeminino can help in this question – why do we ignore the signs that we should end ?. Read and reflect on whether the cap will do.

Maybe you can, maybe you don’t. Who can handle this uncertainty? The friend’s opinion counts many points, it is true, but the decision is always yours.

Fact: but he is so cool, handsome, smart … ah, advice automatically ignored: check! And self-esteem goes downhill, seriously.

It is easier for outsiders to see if the chemistry is flowing in a balanced flow. Let’s agree that, for a friend to send this advice in the can, it is because something is not right at all.

Fact: no, he’s not just playing hard. It may be that his best is right.

His brain plays I wanna have your babies every time he receives a message from the said whose.

Fact: very calm at that time. Letting him know that you’re ready for something serious after the second date can cause some … discomfort. Hold the wave, mrs. Ted Mosby.

But this is what they want, right? Men like the challenge of conquest. Errr, the answer is no and no, dear reader.

Fact: constantly canceling appointments, acting as if you don’t care, will be translated as “I don’t like you”. Bad move.

The easiest advice to give and the hardest to follow in all of human history. No further.

Fact: Wait, is he really worth all that neura? Yes, we agree with your friend and think not.

You complete exactly 23 weeks totally single next Saturday, with no prospect of a new flirt.

Fact: And just because you want a boyfriend, will you be with a guy who doesn’t have much to do with you there? Achieve your independence – you don’t need anyone to validate you. Get out of the night.

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful, be covered in praise by the guapo? For that you doubled the hours at the gym, forgot about your friends and started smoking just because he always goes out for a cigarette.

Fact: Of course, it is normal to make concessions and a strength for the relationship to work but do not go over your identity.

Ugh. Mania that only damages what is wanting to change a person (yes, we are judging you now).

Fact: Is the problem loyalty or character? Most of the time, things will go back to the way they were before. He is who he is. Accept it or leave it.

Sleeping with a spoon, staying at home watching a movie. It’s very me