However, there are some factors that are repeated in most cases of infidelity:

It is almost impossible to have a single answer to something as complex as personality. However, they are usually women with low self-esteem and with great ease to fall in love. They enter this type of relationship in search of attention and security.

According to several studies on fidelity, the mistress is usually an acquaintance at work. The factors that motivate the betrayal are usually associated with sexual dissatisfaction, emotional need, pressure from friends and search for adventures.

The lovers end up building a personality totally opposite to the official woman, as a way of self-worth. They are usually very companions and participants in the lover’s life, as a way of reinforcing their condition of “indispensable bond”.

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Let’s go tell my story … I am 19 years old and worked in a DOG (hot dog type) and I was an attendant … he went there every week, and we always talked, until one day I gave my number to he! He called me on whats and we started to exchange ideas … yes he told me he was married but he teased me about that we were both attracted and I ended up staying with him (I know I did the wrong thing) he is uber and whenever he can come to my house and we go out to the motel and stuff … we have this relationship for about 4 MONTHS and nobody knows but my best friend! And he also knows that she knows … about a month ago I found out that he is 10 years old and has a 5 year old daughter … I asked him why he did this … and he answered me that his wife didn’t want to have sex with him … so, knowing that he was doing it wrong, I continued, there was already an affection but I don’t love him. We always knew how to differentiate that. mine, i like him i feel very attracted to him and he awakens a good feeling in me you know …. i intend to stay with him until it happens …. enjoying this intensely … i had never been a lover and nor do i want to be later … but with him it’s being great and I don’t want to ruin it anymore, too I don’t want to ruin their marriage because he also loves her … when I see that their relationship may be at risk I will get out of this on my own but how much I will live one day at a time …

I was married for 9 and I have 2 children and today I am separated for 7 years, during that time of separation I never get involved with anyone when it is now I’m getting involved with a married man. I know I’m not doing it right.

I’m married, he’s married. We met in college. The two boyfriends, but we were already attracted, but opposite lives. When I was about to get engaged he declared, I was shaken, we kissed … a few days later we didn’t find her and I said I was going to marry my boyfriend.