The end of the relationship can hurt, but it can be exactly what you were needing to get out of your comfort zone and be much happier. At worst, you will come out stronger and more resistant to pain!

In moments of crisis, when the pain was very tight – which usually happens at night – the only thing that comforted me was to repeat to myself: “this will pass”, until I can sleep. There are two certainties in life: one is death and the other is that everything changes. At the time of the squeeze, we have the impression that that sorry situation will last forever, but you can be sure that sooner or later it will pass!

It is normal to want to blame the ex for our misery, but if we leave aside the neurosis of blaming the other, we are left with the fact that now we are on our own and only ourselves can we cope with our emotions and overcome the situation. When we take responsibility for our feelings, we acquire the power to overcome them. It is the beginning of any recovery and evolution process.

This romantic idea is long gone. He could make sense at a time when human beings lived in small villages and knew less suitors in their entire lives than they do today in Tinder in a single day. We live in an era of abundance and freedom. Let go of the illusion of “made for each other” and call the next in line.

Speaking of illusion, in the United States, 1 in 5 marriages ends in less than 5 years. And eventually, about 50% of marriages are bound to end in divorce, according to a CDC survey. Therefore, adopt the philosophy of be eternal while it lasts, because dating has an expiration date. See in nature: rare are the animals that have only one partner throughout life, most species have several in a single year.

In his best seller Think and Grow, Napoleon Hill mentions that more than 500 men among the most successful in the United States claim that their greatest success came shortly after a defeat. It also mentions that the most successful entrepreneurs have failed more than 10 times. While the majority would have given up, they went ahead and put into practice in the next venture what they had learned in previous ones to become multimillionaires. See what you learned in that relationship and you can do better in the next one increasing the chances of a healthier and more lasting partnership.

Don’t have the luxury of changing your schedule to enjoy the pit! You don’t need the pity of others. Follow your routine and you will realize that life goes on and that there are more useful ways to deal with the loss than suffering alone at home eating chocolate and listening to Coldplay.

Emotions are a very volatile type of energy. You can use them in a destructive or constructive way and the choice is all yours. This phase in which emotions are running high can be the most productive of your life! Dedicate yourself more to work, composing music, writing or any other project.