As long as you do not achieve any contentment in your personal dimension, it will not be worthwhile to get involved in any loving relationship.

My advice is: try to mature in your spiritual life, because if you don’t have a healthy spirituality before dating, you probably won’t develop it in dating. It is not impossible, but it is much less likely.

Second, do you work or have any income? The person who wants to date and get married needs to be someone financially responsible. I do not advise you to start dating before earning your own money – even if it is very little. The logic of this reasoning is completely biblical. In creation, for example, God instituted marriage after instituting work. Adam had at least three professions before meeting his beloved Eve: 1. Administrator of the garden; 2. Farmer; 3. Biologist (being a taxonomist par excellence, naming animals). Yes, the first thing that God created after creating man was not the woman, it was work. Therefore, before any man touches a woman, he must first get his hands on the plow and work. Solomon is very clear when he says: “Take care of your business outside, get your crops ready in the field and then build your house” (Proverbs 24.27).

An important note. I don’t believe that all couples who start dating before work are necessarily in sin. There are cases and cases. In some of them, it would be really silly, especially when they are immature teenagers. There are also some young people who date while attending college full time and cannot do anything other than study. Each case is different. In general, what the Scriptures try to teach us about this is that “responsibility precedes relationships”. Therefore, starting a relationship with a person who is not responsible, makes no plans for the future or does not worry about providing the resources for his girlfriend and, soon, future wife (and vice versa) is not only an anti attitude -biblical, it is also inconsequential.

Third, what are your life values? What are your personal dreams too? Every human being needs to develop his life values. Every human being needs to yearn to get somewhere. Before you start dating, you need to have firm convictions about your own values ​​and dreams. Dating is a time of preparation for marriage. It is the ideal environment for long conversations, about all areas of life. It is time to know what the other thinks about truth, family, religion, morality, honesty, dreams, work, career, studies, generosity and respect. Take advantage of your single state to think about these things. Without a doubt, this will help you a lot in the process of finding your partner, starting dating, getting engaged and getting married.

Once the above criteria are met, it is time to take action. How to start a Christian dating… in practice? I suggest some very concrete actions:

Finally, it is always good to remember the essentials: dating is not borrowing someone, it is a college entrance exam to have someone forever. Dating doesn’t exist to kiss and say goodbye the next day. In courtship, we rehearse a kiss because we intend to kiss forever. Dating is not an end in itself, we shouldn’t date for dating, we date to get married. The main purpose of dating is to practice all the steps of the dance well until we understand that we are ready to dance with our partner for life.

Wise advice! Thank God we had the opportunity to enjoy a relationship rooted in these principles and we were honored! Dating is a serious thing, don’t wake him up early, but prepare your garden by then. Big kiss, my love, you are a man of God!

Very simple even. Do you want to find the right woman? Go with her to the market and just watch. A simple trip to the market can show much more than a romantic dinner.

Look, everything is fine, but nowadays if the person shows up and you don’t have a job, you shouldn’t date, so you should wait to get the job first, since we serve a provider God because he can’t provide the job in the middle of dating

I really enjoyed this stay, now I know that there are wise people from God. Good advice will help me a lot to think. I thought before, contrary to the normal Christian God bless you.

_because the brother was already single and passed these circumstances of the life of precipitation and now I think that he already has a couple.

Apparently the brother passed but he overcame and now he is to give us tips for this phase Amen Blessings.

That’s exactly how I’ve been thinking: be ready before you start dating. While I am not prepared, I will train myself: seek God, understand better what the Scriptures say in my life, strive to achieve my dreams and know how to find a prudent wife, as Solomon says.