You will simply ignore the girl, giving her pathetic and bitch in heat. Not that on horny days he can deny it, but he will never pass on sex or blood to him, because his type is also not thrown, especially for anyone.

Azusa Mukami: He will be very slow, asking what she means, and why. Obviously he will not reciprocate, it is not his fetio, but he will sincerely regret it. He’s just another teen girl trying to gain something like popularity or a good time. Just like he has his daggers and moments alone when he admires his own feat.

Carla Tsukinami: He won’t even look at the woman’s face. Many curses will go through your head, whore, prostitute, slut, dog without owner and things like that, after all, even if she wanted more than sex with him, which Carla thinks is kind of impossible, she is just another random human, overflowing hormones, inadequate to govern or breed with. Just ignoring, scratching and reversing. Or sort of, “Who do you think you’re talking to?” “Who do you think I am.”

Shin Tsukinami: Same as his brother. He thinks that women of this type do not deserve respect and that they will probably not even settle down with a husband. But unlike him, in moments of excitement, Shin would be more impulsive and would give her what “she wants” and will not care about delicacy or any kind of shit.

Kino Sakamaki: He thinks it’s really funny. Laughing like he was at a joke show. He doesn’t really understand how there are humans like that, and he believes that whoever is born a slut, has the courage of anything. But of course, he would never accept or answer anything else, after all he is not one of those although it seems sometimes. Shameless women of this type and who mainly search without even knowing, are nothing more than a joke to him and Kino does not waste his precious time with this guy.

Yui Komori: She will be very embarrassed, as if asking if the girl is talking to herself. She won’t know what to do other than listen and would probably find any excuse to get out of there right away and think about what she can do to get away with it or how she’ll be able to look at the girl the same way again. Afraid to run into corridors and things like that.

I would like to know what the reactions of the Sakamakis and Mukamis would be when they saw s / o coming up from behind and out of nowhere they stick in their blouses for being short and fit (: ” ” ‘3) and hugging him from behind: 3 ( n need to answer if you don’t want to; _;)

Shu Sakamaki: He would open his eyes wide to analyze the lovely scene first. To feel his arms circling him and tucking himself under his coat would really be a feeling of comfort. He would probably be lying on his back for this, so he would turn around, put his head on his chest and hug him. This man just wanted to sleep in peace, and now he has found the peace of the sentence.