Although my head (and the film industry) tells me that everyone has been there, I had no idea what it felt like to be broken, what it was like to be heartbroken. The thing of thinking about it all the time, feeling pain that seems like it will never disappear, of thinking that I will be sad forever; worse, think that I will “be” sad forever. So, thanks for this post 🙂 It’s good to find a way to laugh at our demons. It remains, every day, my first thought and the last thing I remember. I continue – patiently – waiting for it to pass. It can only pass, can’t it?

It won’t be sad forever, it won’t “be” sad forever and it will pass 🙂 I guarantee you!

About 5 years ago I was going through this phase. In spite of everything, my life was made easier because the no-brainer had no point to be taken. Of course, even today, I understand why I fell madly in love, but, in fact, there was nothing there. It took me a good few years to end the relationship, but I managed to be the one to have the last word. This also helps.

1. Feeling like a cat (for anyone in particular. Just to feel them drooling, even if you don’t do it);

2. Do the things that we had not done because it would rob us of time with the fret (even because you never know if the great love of our life is not in any of those places);

3. Listening to powerful songs that make us dream of parading in the middle of a crowd that covets us eheh;

4. Whenever the “I don’t feel like starting all over again” thing comes, going to cry with my parents, or someone else who makes us feel the best in the world;

5. Fulfill goals (finish theses, finish a book, fix the photos at home, anything);

6. Traveling (even if alone) to places where we feel good and safe – it can be a trip next door, but anything that makes us go out and see other people;

7. Not responding to the no-brainer’s messages (in case he was the one to end and he was to blame for everything) – it will drive you crazy, even though it also leaves us with us eheh;

8. If there is a place where the two used to go, but who love it, go there now and get used to going there often, otherwise, the place dies for you, and the only memories are with him;

9. (Now I’m going to be miserable) Chatting with some guy who’s dragging our wings, just to hear someone outside show us how spectacular we are (it can be something via Facebook, especially if they’re not very interested) ;

Good suggestions … although there is no equal “recipe” for all … as in everything, the concrete cases diverge a lot, each one must have the strength and motivation to find ways to overcome the situation! (:

The same thing happened to me and unintentionally, because luckily it was already well resolved.