607 deaths in 3,500,349 cases and in Africa 53,872 deaths in 2,264,826 cases.

The assessment was carried out based on data collected by AFP from the competent national authorities and with information from the World Health Organization.

The Câmara da Guarda decided to extend a set of 18 measures to support families, institutions, local businesses and companies in the context of the covid-19 pandemic, it was announced today.

In a statement, the municipality explains that, given the current State of Emergency situation that exists due to the covid-19 pandemic, “it decided to review and renew some of the Extraordinary Support Measures of the SALVAGUARDA Plan, to mitigate the social and economic impacts arising epidemiological situation “.

“This is the extension of a set of 18 measures to support families, local commerce, institutions and companies, in order to promote the protection and maintenance of jobs, and to combat the negative impact on the lives of families and institutions in the municipality of Guarda “, the note reads.

According to the municipality, these will be in force throughout the month of December, and can be revised if the situation that is experienced locally requires it.

The extraordinary support measures of the “SALVAGUARDA Plan” to mitigate social and economic impacts include a 30% reduction in water, sanitation and solid urban waste (MSW) tariffs, in December, for all families that have suffered a decrease of subsequent household income or income drop, duly proven.

It also includes micro-enterprises and sole traders, with activity suspended during the State of Emergency, and commerce and industry.

The municipality will also participate in carrying out PCR tests for the covid-19 and exempt housing rents in fires of the municipality for tenants who are in a situation of loss of income, motivated by supervening unemployment, duly proven.

In the area of ​​education, families who have suffered loss of income due to unemployment of one or two members of the household, duly proven, can benefit from the exemption from payment of amounts related to ATL and in the component of family support (meals, extension of hours and activities during school breaks).

The payment of advertising fees is exempt for all commercial establishments that are closed, with the exception of banks, credit institutions and insurance companies, and there will be full exemption from payments of rents, concessions, fees or other income due to the municipality, for commercial spaces and services, which are closed.

The municipality will also reduce rents, concessions, fees or other income to open commercial spaces or services by 50% and the itinerant sale of food products has been exempted from the value of fees related to the activity.

Health professionals, firefighters and elements of Civil Protection and employees of residential homes can enjoy, if they need, accommodation in the city of Guarda and all residents of the municipality, in a situation of need or socio-economic vulnerability, who need food or other goods essential, due to drop in income as a result of the pandemic situation, can access the Extraordinary Social Support Platform.